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Bruce Gandy, Writer

Not the world-renowned bagpiper, the other one.


Bruce Gandy

Freelance Content Writer | Blogs/Articles for Social Justice, the Environment | Tech Docs | Politics | Web Content (with a touch of Humor)
Sarasota, FL  ●  973-476-3725 ● ●  Skype: bruce-gandy
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Dear Person of Influence,

Knowing *what* to say is sometimes the most difficult step. Knowing *how* to say it to evoke a call to action, turn the page, or click here, is what I do. It’s called writing captivating and engaging content. It’s called understanding that every decision is an emotional decision.

Subliminally capturing the reader’s emotions and guiding them to what they perceive as a logical choice — your choice — is the goal.

While honing my writing skills for a long time as part of my professional Acting, Writing, Directing, and Technology careers, Writing, with a Capital W, is still my passion. You should know that I offer the same professionalism, expertise, and fearlessness as a Writer that I communicated in IT. Let me put your best ideas forward.

For example, when people describe me like this:

  • “Not only did Bruce seamlessly pick up the slack on the platforms in which he clearly brought in expertise, he proceeded to awe me as he effortlessly took on new projects that required discovering and assimilating new products and platforms. He does not back down from any challenge.”
  • “From the first time I met Bruce it was clear that I was dealing with a true professional. His understanding of Notes is exceptional. His technical abilities are top-tier, and his demeanor and interpersonal skills are first class.”
  • “Bruce’s technical expertise comes ‘packaged’ in a friendly, witty, sincere and caring human being. He is flexible, respected and admired by technical and business associates alike for his willingness to help anyone he can. He is reliable and has impeccable work ethics.”

C’mon, how can I not want you to know this is who I am?

If you are also looking for a traditional resume, might I humbly implore you to accept this as both a cover letter and a resume? Most writers let their work speak for itself, as I hope to do with you. If you must have a work history, there is always LinkedIn.

So there you have it: who I am, how I write, and testimonials about my approach to work.



* Sources available


After graduating with my Bachelor’s in English in tow, I plied my craft for years as a professional Actor, Writer, and Director. This naturally led me to a career in – wait, what? Technology? Always blending writing into that career as well, give me words to play with, and I am one happy camper!

I’m a Freelance Content Writer Specializing in Business Blogging, Tech Documents, Short Stories, Articles, Politics, and Web Content (with a touch of humor). One of my favorite topics includes why these two thoughts don’t go together: “Politics is a dirty business.” / “I’ve spent my life in Public Service.”

Who supported me all this time (Green indicates technology, including a writing component)? Companies like:

  • Kemet Electronics, Hayward Industries, Pfizer, TD Bank, MetLife, Novartis Oncology, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Lapp USA, American List Counsel, American Express Publishing, Avon, Citicorp, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, NBC Sports, McKinsey & Co., Shell Oil, BASF, to name a few.

You know, little Mom & Pop shops.

Intensely serious by nature, humor keeps me sanesometimes.

Still Plays Well with Others Using these Toys

END USER – (All Advanced) Word ● Excel ● PowerPoint ● Many software utilities ● SnagIt ● Google (G Suite) Apps
REMOTE ACCESS – WebEx ● Google Meet/Hangouts ● MS Teams ● TeamViewer ● GoToMeeting ● GoToAssist ● Skype ● FTP Tools ● VPN Tools
WEB/VIDEO/GRAPHICS/DEV TOOLS – HTML/CSS ● WordPress ● Yoast SEO ● Camtasia Studio ● Adobe Photoshop / Acrobat Pro DC / Dreamweaver ● (Lotus/IBM/HCL) Notes and Domino


Bachelor of Arts, English,
Montclair State University
Montclair, NJ USA

Bunches of Technical Certificates